As you might already know, the North America Branch launched its new cross-cultural ADR capacity-sharing program with a pilot project in Samoa on June 1-4 2019. Our delegation made presentations on international arbitration, engaged in discussion sessions with Samoan counterparts about mediation practices and techniques in our respective cultures, and met with senior government officials about New York Convention accession and other cross-border ADR development topics. More details on:

Now is time for us to plan the second program which will surely consolidate that incredible pilot with a full powered program running based on the lessons learned this year and the increased enthusiasm from CIArb’ers which was one of the key success factors of the first initiative. The subcommittee that is put together for that task (plan and execute the next program), is currently busy working on its development and is searching for 3-5 enthusiastic CIArb members to help them with that extremely rewarding experience. As an added incentive for working on this fantastic project, typically, the on-location program delivery group is selected from the subcommittee members.

If you would like to become involved, please contact one of the subcommittee members Felipe Gutierrez ( / Jim Lawrence ( or our Vice Chair for Programming Katherine Dedrick (