The North America Branch launched its new cross-cultural ADR capacity-sharing program with a pilot project in Samoa on June 1-4. Our delegation made presentations on international arbitration, engaged in discussion sessions with Samoan counterparts about mediation practices and techniques in our respective cultures, and met with senior government officials about New York Convention accession and other cross-border ADR development topics.

The Branch delegation comprised Chair David Huebner (Los Angeles) (the former American Ambassador to Samoa), Trey Bergman (Houston), Katherine Smith Dedrick (Denver), and Felipe Gutierrez (Miami). Our host organization was the Samoa Mediation Society. The program included a visit to the American Embassy and a discussion with the Embassy’s Chargé d’affaires.

Intended to be an annual project, the capacity-sharing program is designed to strengthen and expand the Branch’s commitments to 360-degree education, multi-cultural professional literacy, and engagement with under-served communities. In collaboration with local ADR practitioners, a Branch delegation will design and present a program each year, either in a new location or as a focused follow-up in a prior location.

If you would like to become involved, please contact our Vice Chair for Programs HERE.

Cultural performances at Samoa Independence Day

NAB delegates with the officers of the Samoa Mediation Society

NAB representatives at the American Embassy In Apia