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Below are our most current features:

07 May 2019

GDPR: the first 12 months – what have we learned?

On Friday 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act came into force and implemented the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in UK domestic law.

30 Apr 2019

Mediation: Panacea or Mirage?

Mediation is envisaged as an effective way to increase co-operation between opposing parties and reduce the pressure on our court systems; it is not regarded “as a poorer alternative to judicial proceedings”.

12 Feb 2019

The role of Education & Training in promoting ADR

Aristotle once said that “Education is an ornament in Prosperity and a Refuge in Adversity”.

30 Nov 2018

A framework for evaluating the best arbitral seats

Identifying the seat of arbitration, the home legal system, is one of the most important features of an arbitration clause.