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Blending more than 40 years of experience in complex commercial litigation, hundreds of hours of training in the arts of mediation and arbitration from premier national and international dispute resolution programs, and service as an acclaimed ADR professional since 2002, Greg provides flexible mediation and arbitration processes to help disputants resolve even the most intractable problems. Having a unique background, Greg has earned membership in elite professional organizations and recognition as a Power Mediator by the Hollywood Reporter, as an ADR Super LawyerTM, and as a Best Lawyer for Mediation in Los Angeles.

Greg has assisted parties in resolving thousands of complex matters and is often called upon to resolve disputes after previous attempts at settlement have proven unavailing. Parties consistently attribute their successful resolutions to Greg\'s persistence, and attentive and open facilitation of a process designed to encourage creative solutions, and his broad substantive knowledge and experience. He has helped parties resolve matters in a broad range of fields including contract, fraud, blockchain, cryptocurrency, entertainment (including talent agency, motion picture, television, music (including valuation of music rights), computer, social media, apparel, internet and related high technology), intellectual property (including copyright, trademark, trade dress, secondary meaning, photography, copyright termination. Lanham Act, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, dilution), deceptive trade practices, licensing, trade secret, unfair competition, rights of privacy and publicity, defamation (libel and slander), misappropriation, Federal Trade Commission, breach of fiduciary duty, real estate, employment, wage and hour, wrongful termination, corporate and partnership, legal malpractice, class actions, unjust enrichment, business tort, interference with contract and prospective economic advantage, and unfair business practices.

Greg has served as sole arbitrator, and as a member and chair of three arbitrator panels. Examples of recent arbitrations include:

Entertainment and Intellectual Property: determination of the scope of life story rights agreements; alleged breaches of distribution and marketing consulting services agreement; talent agency-artist fee disputes; scope of services and distribution fee and accounting disputes; interpretation of permitted interest cap on Defined Net Proceeds language in Distribution Agreement; alleged breaches of international film distribution contract; contract interpretation in reality television claim; alleged failure to fulfill terms of license agreement and purported violation of intellectual property rights; entitlement to participate in future projects involving iconic multimedia franchises; claim by reality show contestant for breach of contract, wage and hour violations; compensation for present and future sequels of iconic motion picture; alleged breaches of production services and compensation agreements.

Commercial and Contract: breaches of design and royalty agreements; large commercial lease dispute relating to allegations of high technology equipment failure, fraud and misrepresentations; alleged cross-breaches of agreement to provide software access, training and support services, and alleged copyright violations; alleged fraud and misrepresentation claims in commercial contracts.

Employment: wage and hour claims; age and race discrimination claims; determination of employment or independent contractor status; wrongful termination claims.

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