April 21, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PST

Whether you are new in ADR, transitioning to ADR from a different profession, the owner of a highly successful practice, or simply forced to adopt virtual online-practice due to Covid-19 pandemic, a need for a clear career strategy and vision is universal to all.

CIArb-NAB presents an expert presentation/question answer session by Ms. Heather Hellmann, CEO of H2 Marketing Consultants (“H2”), and its Business Development Manager, Francesca Smith, on how to communicate your unique value and better market yourself and/or your business by creating and articulating your personal brand.

The program will be moderated by Laura Abrahamson, current NAB Board member, and Chair of the Best-in-Class programs.

Brief Panelist and Moderator bios are provided below:

Heather M Hellmann

Heather M Hellmann is the CEO of H2 Marketing Consultants, a life coach, founder of Highest Power Brands, and a speaker with “Pivot 2 Power,” “St. Louis, Top 40 under 40,” and “Women of Influence 2020.”

Ms. Hellmann has helped several startup businesses develop their brand, tone, audience and message. She has also been a thriving force when working with established businesses, entrepreneurs and public figures to overcome their struggle to rebrand, rebuild or grow their existing clientele. She has encouraged clients to transcend their mission and reach their purpose of growth and sustainability.

Ms. Hellmann has also authored a book, “Her Passion Builds,” which is scheduled for release in Spring 2021. 

Francesca Smith 

Francesca Smith is the Business Director of H2 Marketing consultants and has been active in marketing for the past 7 years. In 2017, Francesca founded a vegan snack food company, “Nu Food,” selling its products through e-Commerce and in over 10 retail locations. Her unique, real-world experience has enabled her to have a deep knowledge of marketing and branding. With a background in art, she has a great eye for branding, website, and company design.

Her passions outside of marketing include professional snowboarding and living an extremely active lifestyle by spending time outdoors. With these passions in mind, Fran identifies closely with brands that share similar personas; moreover, she works seamlessly with these companies to drive their social media by expanding their target audience and reach.

This program is free, but space is limited.  To register, go to: