The Accelerated Route to Fellowship Course Plus Exam was held in Austin, Texas, on June 12-13. The course took place in McGinnis Lochridge’s relatively new offices, and the discussion leaders have advised there was an exceptional and knowledgeable group. There is every reason to expect that there will be 11 new Fellows in due course. Pictured below are: Israel Gaxiola (McGinnis Lochridge staff), David E. Sharp FCIArb, David E. Harrell, Jr. FCIArb, Willie Wood FCIArb, John Pinney FCIArb, Sarah Blair, Mark Schroeder, Paul D. Clote, Harvey Ideozu, Felicia Harris Hoss, C. Ryan Reetz, Gonzalo Rodriguez Matos, Ross B. Russell, Adam Wahlquist, Mohammad Zeeshan Adhi, and Jim Reiman FCIArb. Not pictured, Ian Davis.